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The second issue of the Weldon Times for 2021-22 was delayed due to the flooding in Weldon and the unexpected return to online learning at the end of the first semester.  
In this issue, we hear from DBLSA members Leandra Bouman and Shaniqwa Thomas in celebration of Black Black History month as they touch on the achievements of prominent Weldon Alumni such as Justice Corrinne Sparks, and MLA Angela Simonds, as well as progress in advancing cultural awareness in our Law School.   Madeline Heinke delivers the first installment of her three part series on trauma informed learning at Schulich.  Liz Marr reviewed the podcast "Hustled" and labour law implications of the gig economy.   Zainab Adejumobi provides some law school hacks and tips to make law school life easier.  Lan Keenan discusses the hybrid model of course delivery at Schulich Law that has been in use during the pandemic.  She discusses how this has benefited many students with disabilities and makes a case for its ongoing use.  Madison Ranta, Jordan Upton, and Noah Brownstone provide an insider view of the Dalhousie Legal Aid Clinic as they reflect on their experiences as students in the clinic.  Tiff Ward & Syameena Pillai provide an editorial of the unprecedented events that changed once again life at Weldon in the late fall.  Finally, Zainab Adejumobi provides a brief historical sketch of Al Capone's trial and his involvement in the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.  

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FALL 2021


In this first issue of 2021-2022, Anthony Moniuszko examines the Meng Wanzhou Case and Canada's Extradition Act (1999).  Zainab Adejumobi interviews Professor Kim Brooks to get the inside scoop on the life of Schulich's law professors.  Madeline Heinke tackles law school confidence and the common experience of imposter syndrome.  David Williams Watson explores Nova Scotia's vaccintation passports implemented in early October.  Finally, we showcase our new LSS executive team. 

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Spring 2021

In the final issue of the 2020/21 year Zainab Adejumobi tells us that success in law requires not only knowledge of the law, but also knowledge in technology, data analysis, business tools, and that studying law virtually for a whole year, might just have prepared law students for greater success in law post-COVID. Tiffany Ward gives an Alumni Bio of Key Murray Law Associate Conor Mullin detailing his career in criminal law. Elizabeth Taylor discusses the implications that “artificial humans with AI” has in our discussions and understanding of race and race relations. Jamie Samson details a number of activities and places to visit in and around Halifax this summer. Victoria Watson tells us about the recent PPLS and DFLA featuring MPP Bhutila Karpoche, MP and Schulich Alumni Elizabeth May, Senator Gwen Boniface, and Megan Leslie, CEO of World Wildlife Fund Canada. The even focused on each speakers experiences in leading policy changes and discussion in politics. Claire Dowden gives us a recap of the events that took place during this years Women’s Week at Weldon hosted by the DFLA. Eliza Richardson gives us a summary of this years Literary Moot: “The Trial of Frankenstein.” Tiffany Ward tells us about the events the Nova Scotia Remembers Legacy Society will be hosting on the 1-year anniversary of the tragic mass killing and attacks that took place in Colchester County and Elmsdale.  

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Winter 2021

Folu Adesanya discusses the events and backdrop of which this years Black History Month is set; emphasizing that despite the recent horrific events which have taken place, there is still a place for hope and understanding. Zalnab Adejumobi, David Chukwuka, and Jonathan Duru pen a joint article discussing the various impacts that COVID-19 has had on the Black Community. Folami Jones unpacks the socio-economic circumstances that can be found in the “knapsack” of marginalized Dalhousie Legal Aid clients, and how these circumstances stem from an oppressive socio-economic system. PhD candidate Okanga O. Okanga talks about the experience of leading the Dalhousie Law Graduate Society during this unprecedented pandemic, as well as highlights the DLGS Research Transition Conference due to take place this May. Jamie Samson gives a personal account of the difficulties encountered during an online 2L. Zainab Adejumobi lays out five Apps to aid in studying. Tiff Ward authors the alumni biography of Charles Thompson (Class of 1994 and lawyer at Burchell MacDougall LLP) highlighting his legal career in Canada’s Northwest Territories, why he chose to study at Dalhousie Law and his experience at Dal Legal Aid Clinic.

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Holiday 2020

In this issue Monica Dairo talks about her experience studying law online and how it isn’t all that bad, Tom Barker discusses his experience moving from Vancouver to Halifax to study law compared to moving back just a year later due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Jonathan Duru gives an alumnus biography of Schulich Law graduate and lawyer and Stewart McKelvey, Nico Jones. Darren Gill lays out some tips for firm recruitment, Ben Foster discusses the Dalhousie Public Policy and Law Society’s recent speaker series featuring the Honourable Anita Anand (Minister of Public Services and Procurement), Lynn Sullivan gives an update on the LSS, Mariah Crudo explains the significance of the establishment of the first ever Lawyers Without Boarders Student Division at Schulich and talks about the society’s first event of the year: “Access to Justice in East Africa” featuring Justice William H. Goodridge (Newfoundland CA), Zainab Adejumobi gives us a history lesson on the origins of casebooks and the use of the Socratic method in law school, Nicole Kelly discusses the Pros & Cons of virtual mooting, Allison Hearns tells us what was discussed at the recent Dalhousie Feminist Legal Association’s panel on “Reproductive Health Struggles during COVID-19”, Roisin Boyle details a current Charter challenge to the use of “dry cells” pursuant to s. 51(b) of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, Delani Thiel talks about Minister Anand’s crucial efforts in Canada’s COVID-19 response, Amy Hill explains the need for an immediate replacement for the now departed Dalhousie Ombudsperson, Darren Gill highlights some of the impressive Schulich Law alumni, and the issue features short bios of this year’s 1L section reps.

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FALL 2020

In the first issue of 2020-21 year, Zainab Adejumobi lays out the pros and cons that 1L law students are facing with this year’s remote learning brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Maria Rizzetto outlines some tips for succeeding at law school. Laura Graham discusses some of the history of slavery in Nova Scotia and PEI as it relates to her family’s ancestry. Madison Ranta talks about her summer internship with the PEI Human Rights Commission. Shanna Stanley-Hasnain shares her experience summering at Toronto law firm Borden Ladner Gervais. Deanna Kerry tells a bit about what it was like working as Research Assistant for Acting Dean Devlin. Jamie Samson shares some of the opportunities that can come with a law-free summer, and Tiff Ward gives an Alumnus Bio of Samantha Ratnam (Class of 2013). Plus meet this years LSS Executives!

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Madison Ranta discusses the legal issues regarding the Wet'suwet'en protests, Justin Monahan sits down for an interview with Supreme Court of Canada Justice Clement Gascon, the Dalhousie Feminist Law Association discusses some of the activities the society has put on this year, Tiffany Leung elucidates some aspects of the Hong Kong protests, Micah Boyes looks at the constitutionality of bill c-5, Anthony Buckland offers a defence of Alan Dershowitz's argument against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and the Dalhousie Youth Legal Education Society explains some of the work they have been doing this year. 

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Micah Boyes discusses the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in the context of the rule of law, Robert Belanger analysis the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani from an international law perspective, Sydney Hull lays out the profile of the NS CBA Law Students' Section, Matthew Frick discusses brexit and the future of the UK's exit from the EU, and Mark Pulak gives some tips on coping with eco-anxiety. Plus Tiffany Leung gives us the latest legal news briefing, and Madison Ranta briefs the recent SCC decisions. 

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FALL 2019

Madison Ranta discusses the MMIWG Report with Professor Naiomi Metallic, meet the 2019-2020 LSS Executive, Robert Belanger discusses the impeachment inquiry of US President Donald Trump, Micah Boyes addresses the aftermath of Canada's 2019 Elections, Monica Dairo sits down with Dr. Diane Saxe to talk climate change, Aly Sutton interviews criminal defence lawyer Joel Pink, Delani Thiel summarizes her interview with Senator Doug Black, and Ziad Lawen discusses the legal impacts of mining in outer space.

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In this issue Madison Ranta discusses O-Week, Monica Dairo reflects on her summer at the Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response, Michael Marot talks about his experience in South Africa working with the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office, Robert Belanger tells us about  the intricacies of International Humanitarian Law, and Caitlin Schropp & Danielle Deagle reflect on their summer working at a boutique personal injury law firm here in Halifax. The Weldon Times also sits down with Professor Steve Coughlan to discuss the changes Bill c-75 will have on criminal law and procedure. 

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In this LSS election issue candidates give us their pitches. Maile Graham-Laidlaw reflects on participating in the 25th Kawaskimhon Moot (hosted here at Weldon). Fabian Suarez-Amaya gives us his thoughts on the legal education system. Reagan Seidler discusses student opinions on teaching methods and exams.

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Featuring an interview with the 83rd Speaker of the House of Commons Geoff Regan. Reagan Seidler discusses the impact political views of professors can have on classroom discussion. Fabian Suarez-Amaya, Charlotte Henderson, Heather Webster, and Nancy Li each discuss the various pathways available during legal education. Cydney Kane talks about her work with the Elizabeth Fry Society and the effect a criminal record has individuals. Megan Thompson reflects on Dal Law's National Labour Moot win.

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Featuring interviews with former Gov. General The Right Honourable David Johnston on trust, and Senator Thomas McInnis on Bill C-45. Jeremy Ryant reflects on his experience mooting the Smith Shield. Dr. Nicholas Van Allen, Chelsea Cox, and Ziad Lawen each discuss various aspects of cannabis legalization, and Professor Archie Kaiser discusses decriminalization of drugs. Also featuring dispatches from Weldonites on exchange, and Samantha Addario on veganism and the best spots to eat in town.

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Featuring messages from the 2018-19 LSS executive team. Justin Monahan discusses O-Week. Ziad Lawen on Ontario Premier Doug Ford's proposed use of s. 33 of the Charter. Also featuring correspondence from exchange student Emma Chapple. 

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