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The Melting Iceberg: Dr. Diane Saxe, Climate Change, and the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act

October 2019

Monica Dairo and Dr. Diane Saxe discuss the Greenhouse Gas  Pollution Pricing Act, Canada's response to climate change, Dr. Saxe's role as an environmental lawyer and as Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, and what law schools need to do to help address climate change in their curriculum. 


White Privilege and Black Ancestry

Laura Graham traces her families Black ancestry, discusses the journey of her 5x-great grandparents from New York to Atlantic Canada, some of their troubles living in Nova Scotia and PEI during the 1700's, their connection to Sir Edmund Fanning, the Lieutenant Governor of the British colonies of Nova Scotia from 1783-1786 and PEI from 1786-1805, and discusses some of Nova Scotia's and PEI's dark history of racism and slavery. 

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