Winter 2021

Folu Adesanya discusses the events and backdrop of which this years Black History Month is set; emphasizing that despite the recent horrific events which have taken place, there is still a place for hope and understanding. Zalnab Adejumobi, David Chukwuka, and Jonathan Duru pen a joint article discussing the various impacts that COVID-19 has had on the Black Community. Folami Jones unpacks the socio-economic circumstances that can be found in the “knapsack” of marginalized Dalhousie Legal Aid clients, and how these circumstances stem from an oppressive socio-economic system. PhD candidate Okanga O. Okanga talks about the experience of leading the Dalhousie Law Graduate Society during this unprecedented pandemic, as well as highlights the DLGS Research Transition Conference due to take place this May. Jamie Samson gives a personal account of the difficulties encountered during an online 2L. Zainab Adejumobi lays out five Apps to aid in studying. Tiff Ward authors the alumni biography of Charles Thompson (Class of 1994 and lawyer at Burchell MacDougall LLP) highlighting his legal career in Canada’s Northwest Territories, why he chose to study at Dalhousie Law and his experience at Dal Legal Aid Clinic.

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