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The Weldon Times is the exclusive Schulich School of Law student magazine. It is the best way to stay up to date with legal news, as well as all the happenings around Weldon. Here are our latest stories.


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Food Law at Schulich:
What's been Cooking

Priya Kumar introduces us to FLAPA - The Food Law and Policy Association, a new student society at Schulich with the objective of raising awareness about the legal and policy implications of the food system.

Trucker Protests

David Williams Watson discusses the Trucker Protests and the impact of the federal governments invocation of the Emergencies Act to address the situation in the Nation's capital

Weldon Uncovered: The Flood of 2021

Mark Pulak investigates the mysterious flood of 2021 - Weldon Law Building has experienced a long list of strange occurrences in recent years - could it be paranormal?


Trauma Informed Teaching at Weldon

Madeline Heinke explores trauma informed learning at Weldon and the need for a trauma informed legal education.  In part two of her three part series, "Diving In," Madeline discusses the work of the Teaching and Teaching Evaluation Committee and Professor Iftene's approach to ensuring student safety in the classroom.


More Articles from the Weldon Times

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Lan Keenan: Encouraging a Hybrid Model at Schulich Law

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Leandra Bouman and Shaniqua Thomas: 
Celebrating Black Achievement


Liz Marr: Hustled Reviewed: Why you should always tip your couriers



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