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The Weldon Times is the exclusive Schulich School of Law student magazine. It is the best way to stay up to date with legal news, as well as all the happenings around Weldon. Here are our latest stories.

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Cross Examination with John O'Connor

Welcome to our new column: Cross Examination. With each quarterly issue, Nicole Payette, 2L, will apply her practical legal skills in cross examination to shine a light onto the unique lives of Schulich law students. She is putting them in the hot seat to get the answers you are simply dying to know.

For our fall issue, Nicole sat down with John O'Connor, or as some might call him, "Farmer John." She explores with him the trajectory of his life, music interests and the all important question, what his favourite milk is.

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Atlantic Canada 2022
Summer Student Hiring

Samuel Bodner, 2L, has dug deep into all that Atlantic recruit information you want at your finger tips. 

Interview with Professor Erdman on Roe v Wade

Patricia Doiron, 1L, sits down with  Professor Joanna Erdman, to discuss the potential consequences of the recent US Supreme Court decision which overturned Roe v Wade.  

What is Space Law?

The Space Law Society takes us on an adventure into an area of law that is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Lan Keenan: Encouraging a Hybrid Model at Schulich Law

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Leandra Bouman and Shaniqua Thomas: 
Celebrating Black Achievement


Liz Marr: Hustled Reviewed: Why you should always tip your couriers


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