Poets’ Corner

It’s a grey day

By Anonymous


It is a grey day

I should be working,

There’s a research paper I need to start

And finish.

The brown leafs on the front yard

Move like waves;

I should do some raking or

The neighbors will get angry.

I can’t understand why they would care

But they seem to.

I suppose there is not a lot in their world to be proud of.

The old lady next door will come knocking on the front door;

You can’t really be rude to old people.



By Anonymous


Hmm, Clarendon,



Or Lark?


Constructed and tailored

To perfection.


But what’s underneath?

What are your feels?

Can you tell anyone?

Do you tell anyone?


Nah, let’s go with Crema.

#filtered #feels #bestself