• Grasping for Decency in 2017
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Canadians Deserve Better of Their Judges

By: Harrison Brown

In December 2015, Alberta Provincial Court Justice Redman made an interim order that a child, who identifies as female, stop wearing ‘feminine’ clothing in public. In February 2016, a second Provincial Court judge reviewed and continued the order. Most recently, in September 2016, Justice Krinke again reviewed and amended the order, requiring the parents to provide … Continued

10 Questions for International Students

By: Weldon Times Contributor

Our exchange students graciously gave us their perspectives on studying law at Dalhousie, and they share some insights that help us see the forest through the trees. 1. Who are you? Alex Hill: I’m from the United Kingdom and my home law school is the University of Southampton. Trine Smedbold: I’m 24 years old and … Continued

A Thank you to Our Contributors

By: Marina Bruggeman

Hello Again Weldon! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written for and contributed to the Weldon Times. The Weldon Times aims to provide a space for law students to share their voices. But this paper is simply a platform. It would fall flat without the dedicated commitment of those who … Continued

Society Profile: Weldon Association of Gamers (WAG)

By: Marina Bruggeman

The Weldon Association of Gamers’ mission is to create a community for law students with similar interests. It seeks to offer an alternative to alcohol-centered social events. By fostering on and offline interactions the WAG has given many students a healthy outlet for managing the stress of Law School. WAG organizes and hosts bi-weekly Dungeons … Continued

The Right Choice: An Opinion on the Appointment of Justice Rowe

By: Sam Clark

On October 17th 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Justice Malcolm Rowe of the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). This was a historic day because Justice Rowe was the first Newfoundlander or Labradorean appointed to the highest court in the country. Being from Newfoundland, the province often has … Continued