How Has Law School Changed You?

By: Craig Stewart

I asked the 500 or so current law students of the Schulich School of Law this question and solicited anonymous responses. About seven per cent gave me their thoughts. I have edited comments for space and clarity. More than I expected, there were some consistent themes. Unsurprisingly, many people said their critical thinking skills have … Continued

An Interview with Geoff Franklin: A Litigation Lawyer

By: Melissa Pike

Geoff Franklin is an associate at BoyneClarke LLP who practices commercial, regulatory, municipal, and criminal litigation. His desire to represent people first sparked his interest in law. “Whether the person is averse to fighting for themselves or because they couldn’t articulate it, or whatever the reason, I just like solving disputes for people and taking … Continued

Kevin O’Leary: Not Canada’s Trump

By: Sam Clark

Kevin O’Leary has been compared to Donald Trump by many people in the media and some of the other candidates running to be leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. However, is this comparison accurate? On the surface Kevin O’Leary’s campaign for the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership is similar to that of Donald Trump’s campaign … Continued

The CDO: 2016-2017

By: Lisandra Naranjo Hernandez

Many students were frustrated last year with the Career Development Office (the “CDO”) at Weldon. Expectations were not being met. What students wanted and needed did not align with what they were actually being offered. In fairness, the office was going through a transition period after experiencing some turnover. This brought about a loss of … Continued

Letter from the Editor: March

By: Marina Bruggeman

Hello Weldon! As this is our last issue of the year, I want to thank everyone who has helped push the Weldon Times to great new heights. Thank you to our Weldon Times team, our contributors, our web developer, our sponsors, and especially you the reading public. The Weldon Times prides itself on remaining independent and … Continued