Impasse: Nova Scotia’s Contentious Labour Relations

By: Kody Blois

Labour relations right now in Nova Scotia could best be described as “rocky”, as two of the province’s largest public sector unions are at odds with the current collective bargaining process to formulate a new contract for its members. Members of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU), and the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union (NSGEU), … Continued

January Letter from the Editor

By: Marina Bruggeman

January is tough. Receiving grades in law school is rarely cause for raucous celebration. Some may ride high at the top of the curve – hats off to you. But for a mandated majority our marks reflect the incredible stress of exam time, the multitude of other obligations that couldn’t be overlooked, or simply the burnout … Continued

How Trump’s Victory Affects Canadians

By: Sam Clark

Over the holidays I had an interview with a law firm. They asked me if I was the Minister of Global Affairs, what advice would I give my diplomats when negotiating with President Trump? This question got me thinking about how a Trump presidency would affect Canadians both positively and negatively. There are many problems … Continued

January Wellness Newsletter

By: Julianne Stevenson, Kelsey Ivory

Feeling blue, but not sure why? The Wellness Committee has compiled some tips to help maintain balance through the winter months. Fav App – Pacifica Pacifica is an AMAZING app. It has great relaxation techniques and can help you track your mood and mental health, to support you in achieving your goals. Try our healthy, … Continued