What I Would Have Told My 1L Self

By: Melia Moorhouse

The first week of law school is an information overload. First, take a step back and breathe. There are lots of social events and lots – I really mean lots – of readings in the first weeks. It is hard to be prepared for law school and it will not be like any other schooling … Continued

Grasping for Decency in 2017

By: Fabian Suárez-Ameya

Like many of you, I visit daily the desolate wasteland we call the Modern Internet. Down south, Donald Trump continues to do his best Joffrey Baratheon impression. In an impressive commitment to political dichotomy, Twitter eggs assure me that I owe Antifa my support, unless, you know, I’m some kind of fascist. Middle-aged, middle-class micro-bloggers … Continued

Brief Intro to Trails Around the HRM

By: Lisandra Naranjo Hernandez

As some of you more outdoorsy folk are new to beautiful Halifax, I’d like to draw your attention to some of the amazing trails we have to offer. Think of them for your next weekend adventure or fun day trips at times when you just have to get away from law school for the sake … Continued

Charity Law: In Search of Leaders

By: Benjamin Miller

The Charity Law Interest Group, a club at the University of Toronto, is looking for leaders at Dal to join Western, Osgoode, and us in advocating for charity and non-profit law curriculum at our respective schools. To put it simply, Canada has a problem. It has the second largest charitable and non-profit sector in the … Continued

Restaurants Review

By: Sam Clark

Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant: Heartwood Full disclosure: I have never been to Heartwood.  But when I asked some of the vegans at Dal Law where they all go, Heartwood came up frequently.  I never plan on going there.  I like food with taste.  However, I took a look at their website and they have stuff that … Continued

CDO Resources

By: Jacob Glover

Within the tempest of job searching, career planning, networking, and 100% exams that is law school, the Career Development Office can provide you some shelter and firm ground. The CDO offers resources through online handouts and handbooks, career counselling staff, and the MySculich Job Bank. The job bank in myschulichlaw.com can be a useful tool … Continued