Elizabeth Taylor for VP Finance

As a 1L student, I recognize that my 3 years at the Schulich School of Law will go by very quickly. With that knowledge, I want to be involved in a way that uses my skills to contribute to the law school community. During my undergraduate degree, I started to develop an interest in finance and banking. I was reading a lot of finance books, blogs and watching personal finance tv shows. Some of you may remember the show, Til debt do us part. Even now, I get a lot of satisfaction from listening to finance podcasts and helping friends plan their budgets.


I think ultimately my role as VP finance (if I were elected) would be to use what I am passionate about to help the LSS and law students meet their goals. In the past I have been a part of budget planning for a research project where the goal was to make the project accessible to as many people as possible. Creating that financial plan allowed us to provide funding for aspects of the project that were most valuable to the team.


In addition to the regular duties of VP finance, I would like to bring more learning opportunities to the student body to aid in the development of personal and business finance skills. Speaking to recent graduates from law school, I have found that learning to manage personal and business finances after being a student is a challenge for many people that could be addressed prior to graduation. It is one of those things that at first can sound unpleasant but after you have the knowledge and confidence, it’s a valuable skill that will help you in your personal and career goals. I hope that the Schulich school of law students will consider me to represent them as Vice President, Finance for the Law Student Society.