Daniel Roth for VP Executive

Hi there! My name is Daniel Roth, and I’m running to be your Dal LSS VP Executive for a second year! I come to the east coast from Edmonton, AB, but as you might expect, I fell for the sea shortly after I arrived. Halifax has quickly become my new home, and I’m very pleased to be making plans to become a long-term Haligonian.  I’ll be heading into 3L next year, and I can’t believe how quickly law school has gone by.


Before law school, I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta. During undergrad I had the opportunity to do an internship on the Board of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, go on a study tour to China, and go on exchange to England for a semester. During the summers, I worked for a law firm in project management and had the opportunity to work on a variety of strategic, process management and client development initiatives.


This past year, my goal as Dal LSS VP Executive has been to lay the foundation to build a more engaged, more accountable, and more organized LSS. One of the main challenges student governments face is frequent turnover, which results in a loss of institutional memory. This can be frustrating for each new team and the people they work with, as the new team spends much of their term working to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ Over this past year, I’ve been working to create processes to ensure smooth transitions, including holding debrief sessions with some of the major LSS committees after the conclusion of their events and developing a turnover template that’s being rolled out as the year wraps up. My other major project this year has been updating and restating the LSS Constitution. The old document has served as a foundation for the new one, and I’ve drafted updates to ensure our Constitution reflects the realities of the current roles, responsibilities, and operations of the LSS.  I’ve also worked to support the other VPs, helping with the LSS rebrand, working towards taking rolling evaluations paperless, and helping to support the growth or transition of various other initiatives. I’ve also been working to build strong relationships with members of our school’s administration team so that we can work together to make your time at Weldon the best it can be.


If re-elected, my goals for next year are to continue to strengthen the LSS’s governance structure to ensure clear communications and consistent expectations. I plan to do this by working with members of the LSS’ executive team and committees to look for ways to streamline operations, and to employ the institutional memory we’ve developed this year. A lot of what I do is behind-the-scenes, but I’ve really enjoyed working with this year’s team, and I hope to have the opportunity to keep #workingforyou next year. Let’s see where we can go, together.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at daniel.roth@dal.ca. I look forward to hearing from you!