Creative Corner

A true Friend

The moon;

Its face a lonely subject in the horizon

Rising quietly, unceremoniously above the city.

It shines a light ignored by most.

Who needs the moon,

When street lamps envelope the darkness of the night

And surrounds us in a warm, and yellow glow.

But she is there;

Waiting to be needed, expecting nothing,

Occluded by a false imitation of its brilliance.


Da Vinci painted her

Da Vinci painted her.

Eyelids occluding timeless orbs

And head cast down,

Was he afraid he would not be able to capture

The life in her eyes?

Or the full beauty of her face?

Did she come to him on a winged horse?

Or glide out of the sea in a shell?

Was she blushing?

The small smile on her lips

Made me think she was.

Did he compare her to a summer’s day?

A monument to womanhood?

Her small chin and smooth complexion

Perfectly framed by the ocean

Softly falling down her head

Guarding her beauty.

For all the treasure one would find

If those waves parted

Would blind mankind,

And no sapphire or pearl,

Would ever shine the same.

Oh, But she must blush!

Gardens must grow roses in their earth!

She must have loved, and been loved;

The alternative is too gruesome to consider.


I’ll be her

I’ll be her, when she’s not here,

I’ll be her voice in your head;

I’ll be her when she’s not here

I’ll be her shoulder, and her bed.


I’ll be her lips when she kissed you

Each morning when you awoke;

I’ll be her arms holding tighter

Each time your knees hit the floor.


I’ll be the stars shining brighter,

And the moon, her pale face too;

I’ll the mountains of gladness

That’ll look fondly on you.


I cannot give you the world,

Nor the heavens up above,

But I’ll be her when she’s not here,

And you—

You’ll be my love.


For my mother

As the whispering voices of my mind

Fight to see which will be heard,

I see your face in all I think,

Your voice in all I do.


As the moments pass me by

In doubt and apprehension

Your thoughts are clear as glass to me,

Your advice is



You have lived your life

For us,

With the strength of the Five hundred

And no one has ever fought so hard,

With such bravery and fortitude.


Never give up on your dreams,

Never quit, and never falter,

If you want something in life,

Hard work must be you master.

These are the things I’ve learned from you,

The things I try to adopt,

And with every fiber of my being,

They will never be forgot.


When the things in my life

Get too hard to control;

Get too much for my mind

To be able to hold;

And my composure’s unraveling

Without the prudence of thought

I hear your voice in my head–

‘Go to bed, stop your crying.

Tomorrow is another day,

And no one here is dying.’