CDO Resources

Within the tempest of job searching, career planning, networking, and 100% exams that is law school, the Career Development Office can provide you some shelter and firm ground. The CDO offers resources through online handouts and handbooks, career counselling staff, and the MySculich Job Bank.

The job bank in can be a useful tool for finding job postings. Word to the wise though if you aren’t from the east there are other resources that you will need to access to get a full list of jobs. MySchulich does not provide in-depth information about firms, but is a helpful website for researching law firms. Regardless, familiarizing yourself with MySchulich will serve you well when applying for jobs. Take some time to check it out before the crunch of applying. If you have any questions ask an upper-year or one of CDO staff members.

Within the resource section of MySchulich and in the new CDO section of your brightspace there are valuable documents explaining everything from government job applications to how to conduct yourself at firm dinners during the application season. There are also resume guides and sample cover letters. Reading through this information will make the job application process significantly less stressful and less time-consuming.

Finally, we have two experienced career counselors: Shawn Swallow ( and Elaine Wright ( They are here to advise you in almost all facets of the application process. Feel free to email them to set up a meeting. There is also a strong team of Career Ambassadors who can answer a lot of questions and are always eager to take the first pass over a cover letter or resume.

The CDO’s mission is to support students while they navigate career and articling choices. The bottom line is: If you have a question or a need which fits within that mission the CDO is there to help! Feel free to check out the resources available online and it always help to follow them on Facebook to get updates on special events throughout the year. Lastly, be sure to check out and sign up for the mentorship program offered to learn from Dalhousie’s extensive family of alumni.