Meghan Faught for VP External

My name is Meghan Faught and I am running for the position of Vice President External. My motivation for running is very simple. I want to help! I want to make sure that all law students are informed about events happening outside of the law school that might affect them. Running for this position is … Continued

Daniel Roth for VP Executive

Hi there! My name is Daniel Roth, and I’m running to be your Dal LSS VP Executive for a second year! I come to the east coast from Edmonton, AB, but as you might expect, I fell for the sea shortly after I arrived. Halifax has quickly become my new home, and I’m very pleased … Continued

Teaching to the Exams: Do It, Students Say

Come late March, the routine becomes the same in every class. Students ask how to apply a legal test in an exam setting, and instructors respond, “This is about more than the exam, but…” There exists a stigma about openly teaching to finals. As Emmeline Reeves writes in the Journal of Legal Education: “Teaching to … Continued

The 2019 Kawaskimhon Moot

From March 1st-3rd Schulich School of Law hosted the 25th annual Kawaskimhon Moot. It was the first time the moot has been hosted by Dalhousie since its beginnings at the University of Toronto in 1994. Kawaskimhon is Cree for “speaking with knowledge,” and this is part of what the moot encourages – coming together with … Continued

The Hidden Cost of A Criminal Record

By: Cydney Kane

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and not of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia. Imagine you have been working at a job you enjoy for a short period of time. Suddenly, you are being fired because the employer has discovered that you have a criminal record. … Continued