Interview: The Right Honourable David Johnston on Trust


JM: Your new book discusses how the traits of a trustworthy person are the same traits of a trustworthy nation. How does that idea respond to the rise of nationalism and move away from globalism? DJ: We wrote the book because I was worried about the erosion of trust in public institutions. And as we … Continued

Interview: Senator Thomas McInnis on Bill C-45

Senator Thomas McInnis has a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s University and a law degree from Dalhousie University. Before he was appointed as a Senator in 2012, he practiced law specializing in property and commercial law. He started the firm McInnis, Mont & Randall with two friends, and has also practiced with Boyne Clark, and … Continued

Weldon On Exchange

By: Sam Clark

Where did you go on exchange? Carla: University of Southampton in England. Ian: University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway. Dakota: Lund University in Lund, Sweden. Adam: Queens University Belfast in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Maria: Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Ryan: National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore. Chris: Vrije University in Amsterdam, Netherlands. … Continued

Smith Shield Advocacy: Reflections from the other side

By: Ian Wilenius, Melia Moorhouse

Q: Why did you want to do the Smith Shield?  Ian: Practicing advocacy is a big reason why I came to law school. I’ve always loved the feeling of performance, and advocating is similar to playing a character. The art of persuasion is such a powerful thing and such a big part of being a … Continued

DLAS: An Interview with Dick Evans

By: Lisandra Naranjo Hernandez

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service (DLAS), often referred to as ‘the Clinic’, has been a part of the Halifax community since 1970. It is a clinical law program which provides third year law students from the Schulich School of Law, with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practice of law. Many students, myself included, have … Continued

An Interview with Geoff Franklin: A Litigation Lawyer

By: Melissa Pike

Geoff Franklin is an associate at BoyneClarke LLP who practices commercial, regulatory, municipal, and criminal litigation. His desire to represent people first sparked his interest in law. “Whether the person is averse to fighting for themselves or because they couldn’t articulate it, or whatever the reason, I just like solving disputes for people and taking … Continued