Fundamental Principles of Whose Justice?

By: Kevin Hong

When asked about my exchange last semester to Tsinghua University in Beijing, I tend to recount the classes I had on interrogations and torture in Chinese criminal law. I don’t tell the story to demonize the People’s Republic of China though. I always clarify that torture is technically prohibited by law in China. No, I … Continued

Lawyers Without Borders December Newsletter: Standing Rock

By: Natasha Puka

Amnesty International and the United Nations dispatch teams to Standing Rock Article 20 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) protects the right to peaceful assembly and association. The ability to gather in the name of a common cause and protest is rooted in international humanitarian ideals of community, democracy and freedom of speech. … Continued

10 Questions for International Students

By: Weldon Times Contributor

Our exchange students graciously gave us their perspectives on studying law at Dalhousie, and they share some insights that help us see the forest through the trees. 1. Who are you? Alex Hill: I’m from the United Kingdom and my home law school is the University of Southampton. Trine Smedbold: I’m 24 years old and … Continued