Lawyers Without Borders: The failings of an international human rights tool in protecting trafficked individuals

By: Melia Moorhouse

Often the first image that comes to mind when the term trafficking is used is a female sex worker being coerced against her will into a life of slavery. While those trafficked persons are absolutely subject to horrifying conditions our own ideas of the helpless victim often cloud the judgement that is necessary to actually … Continued

A Guide to Course Selection

By: Sam Clark

In undergrad, course selection was easy. At most schools, courses were three credits and you would take four or five courses a semester. Now in law school, you have two, three, four, and five credit courses, along with something called a paper course. So if you are wondering what courses to take and when, this … Continued

Lawyers Without Borders Newsletter: March

By: Vanessa Kinnear

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin Imagine if someone harmed one of your family members, but there was no way to get justice for him or her. What if you urgently needed help from the police, but no one came to … Continued

L’Eagles Capture Silver Medal in Curling Intramural League

By: Kody Blois

The L’Eagles Curling Team recently finished 2nd overall in the DAL Intramural Curling Championship. Led by Skip, Myles Fish, the team had its best season in history finishing with a 5-2 record, and narrowly missing a chance for top honours. Known as the “cardiac kids” for their ability to keep fans on the edge of … Continued

How Has Law School Changed You?

By: Craig Stewart

I asked the 500 or so current law students of the Schulich School of Law this question and solicited anonymous responses. About seven per cent gave me their thoughts. I have edited comments for space and clarity. More than I expected, there were some consistent themes. Unsurprisingly, many people said their critical thinking skills have … Continued