Halifax Staycay Ideas

By: Melissa Pike

GETTING PHYSICAL   On the Mat Yoga (2985 Oxford St) OTM offers a range of yoga classes, particularly with a focus on flow and yin. If you want to really de-stress and walk out feeling “loosey-goosey” and on top of the world, try their Sunday 5:00pm “Mind Body Bliss” class. The teacher will guide you … Continued

Loot Boxes

By: Sam Clark

A controversial issue in video gaming in the past year is the role of “loot boxes”.  “Loot boxes” are virtual items containing a randomised assortment of virtual items that can be purchased using either in-game currency or real money.  Previously, these items were cosmetic items which didn’t affect in-game performance, or were limited to free-to-play … Continued

Poets’ Corner

By: Weldon Times Contributor

It’s a grey day By Anonymous   It is a grey day I should be working, There’s a research paper I need to start And finish. The brown leafs on the front yard Move like waves; I should do some raking or The neighbors will get angry. I can’t understand why they would care But … Continued

Wrongful Convictions: A Cause for Concern

By: Andrew Jamieson

Wrongful convictions happen. For those who understand the burden of proof the Crown must discharge in order to convict an accused, wrongful convictions seem almost impossible. Yet, for some incarcerated persons, this is a devastating reality. Since 1993, Innocence Canada has helped exonerate 21 people, who in total spent 190 collective years in prison.   … Continued