Poets’ Corner

By: Weldon Times Contributor

It’s a grey day By Anonymous   It is a grey day I should be working, There’s a research paper I need to start And finish. The brown leafs on the front yard Move like waves; I should do some raking or The neighbors will get angry. I can’t understand why they would care But … Continued

Wrongful Convictions: A Cause for Concern

By: Andrew Jamieson

Wrongful convictions happen. For those who understand the burden of proof the Crown must discharge in order to convict an accused, wrongful convictions seem almost impossible. Yet, for some incarcerated persons, this is a devastating reality. Since 1993, Innocence Canada has helped exonerate 21 people, who in total spent 190 collective years in prison.   … Continued

Out of Province Students Excluded from 2018 Convocation

By: Melia Moorhouse

Dalhousie’s law school advertises itself as a “national” law school. It indeed has achieved that goal by attracting a student population that is well over half from outside the Maritime Provinces. A sizeable portion of this year’s graduating class comes all the way from the West Coast and the Province of British Columbia. Unfortunately for … Continued

Dalhousie Legal Aid Clinic: A student’s perspective

By: Nathaniel Ng-Cornish

My name is Nathaniel. I am a third-year law student and I just spent the summer semester at Dalhousie Legal Aid Service (“DLAS” or “the Clinic”). In this piece I discuss (i) a brief description of DLAS, (ii) a short summary of my work there, and (iii) some thoughts I’ve had about that work. As … Continued

What I Would Have Told My 1L Self

By: Melia Moorhouse

The first week of law school is an information overload. First, take a step back and breathe. There are lots of social events and lots – I really mean lots – of readings in the first weeks. It is hard to be prepared for law school and it will not be like any other schooling … Continued

Brief Intro to Trails Around the HRM

By: Lisandra Naranjo Hernandez

As some of you more outdoorsy folk are new to beautiful Halifax, I’d like to draw your attention to some of the amazing trails we have to offer. Think of them for your next weekend adventure or fun day trips at times when you just have to get away from law school for the sake … Continued