Beyond SALAD

  Samantha Addario 3L The Student Animal Law Association of Dalhousie (SALAD) is not a vegan club. Rather, we are a group of Dalhousie students who deal in animal advocacy, animal welfare, animal rights, and other forms of animal protection including education and awareness-raising of animal issues. Every year, we offer a wide and unique … Continued

Halifax Staycay Ideas

By: Melissa Pike

GETTING PHYSICAL   On the Mat Yoga (2985 Oxford St) OTM offers a range of yoga classes, particularly with a focus on flow and yin. If you want to really de-stress and walk out feeling “loosey-goosey” and on top of the world, try their Sunday 5:00pm “Mind Body Bliss” class. The teacher will guide you … Continued

Loot Boxes

By: Sam Clark

A controversial issue in video gaming in the past year is the role of “loot boxes”.  “Loot boxes” are virtual items containing a randomised assortment of virtual items that can be purchased using either in-game currency or real money.  Previously, these items were cosmetic items which didn’t affect in-game performance, or were limited to free-to-play … Continued

Poets’ Corner

By: Weldon Times Contributor

It’s a grey day By Anonymous   It is a grey day I should be working, There’s a research paper I need to start And finish. The brown leafs on the front yard Move like waves; I should do some raking or The neighbors will get angry. I can’t understand why they would care But … Continued