Brief Intro to Trails Around the HRM

As some of you more outdoorsy folk are new to beautiful Halifax, I’d like to draw your attention to some of the amazing trails we have to offer. Think of them for your next weekend adventure or fun day trips at times when you just have to get away from law school for the sake of your sanity.

There are the usual places you’ll hear people raving about such Polly’s Cove and Duncan’s Cove. These two trails are pretty moderate in terms of difficulty and, in my opinion, anyone regardless of their hiking experience, can enjoy them.

Polly’s Cove can be found on your way out to Peggy’s Cove so it’s a bit of a distance. However, it makes for an excellent day trip and exploration of Nova Scotia. The trail itself is not difficult but it is unmarked and one should watch out for uneven terrain.  Duncan’s Cove is one which I have personally visited and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves costal views and fresh ocean breezes. The trail can be a bit difficult to find since it is unmarked. I had to walk through some private property in order to get to the actual trail. It’s around 8km round trip and the terrain is similar to that of Polly’s Cove—uneven, but not difficult. I recommend wearing appropriate footwear for both Polly’s Cove and Duncan’s Cove as there are some very muddy, wet areas.

For those that enjoy a more leisurely hiking experience, the Salt Marsh Trail is a popular destination. It is well-maintained, well-marked, and there are picnic areas along the way.  You could walk (or bike) your way to Lawrencetown Beach from there if you were so inclined. The trail is not a loop so keep that in mind when you’re walking, as you will have to turn back at some point. It’s also a lovely place to go for a leisurely bike ride.

For those that enjoy a bit of a challenge and a lot more wilderness, the Crowbar Lake Hiking Trails are for you. These trails offer multiple loops allowing routes of increasing challenge. The terrain can be difficult and at some points very steep. The parking lot and access point can be found 1800 Myra Road, Porter’s Lake. A good description of the trail system can be found in the Nova Scotia government website at

If you’re looking for a good, moderately difficult, bike ride, consider the Chain of Lakes Trail. It is a paved trail (the longest paved trail in the HRM) that follows along 5 different lakes. It is linear so you should keep this in mind when determining how far to go. It has some beautiful stopping points with benches and scenery along the way. An excellent description of the trail can be found here:

These are only five of the many lovely trails near you. Places such as Cape Split, and the Bluff Wilderness Trail will often come up in conversation. Cape Split is a must see before you leave NS, and the Bluff is an excellent camping destination near the city for a weekend getaway.

There is so much more to Halifax than simply Spring Garden Road and Weldon!! Find a friend with a car and get out there! Explore and be adventurous. Breathe in the fresh (cold) air and let your mind take you back to a simpler time before you had to think about articling, jobs, and how much better the person sitting next to you will do in the exam.

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