Beyond SALAD


Samantha Addario 3L

The Student Animal Law Association of Dalhousie (SALAD) is not a vegan club. Rather, we are a group of Dalhousie students who deal in animal advocacy, animal welfare, animal rights, and other forms of animal protection including education and awareness-raising of animal issues. Every year, we offer a wide and unique range of events and opportunities to students of Schulich School of Law, of the broader Dal community, and to East-Coasters in general, having had folks join us at our events from all over the Atlantic provinces. We welcome folks of all walks of life to join us in our mission to, quite simply, help animals.  Regardless of their dietary choices or restrictions.

Because we are a collective whose only real requirement for joining is caring about animals, SALAD tends to attract quite a few vegetarians and vegans. (Not the preachy kind! Just the kind that don’t consume animals or animal products. We’re really fun, I swear!). While veganism is only one of the ways a person might undertake to join the fight toward animal protection, our dietary choices have a huge impact on animal welfare and on the environment.

Statistics show that about 10% of Canadians are currently enjoying a plant-based lifestyle. Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise! In the midst of the growing popularity of veganism in particular, you may have wondered: What exactly IS veganism?

Vegans are folks who, quite simply, do their best to always make lifestyle choices that are not the product of harm to any animal. Dietary choices are a big part of this, and tend to involve excluding all meat and meat products from one’s diet. This means that vegans do not eat meat (including poultry and fish), eggs, dairy, and sometimes any other product produced by another species, like honey. Many vegans also choose to avoid things like leather and fur products, any form of animal entertainment (such as aquaria and zoos), and any personal care products that have been tested on animals.

We know what you’re thinking: veganism sounds like a lot of work! It does take a little bit of planning and occasional research to live the happy, healthy vegan lifestyle. And we acknowledge that, for a range of reasons, there is no one thing that is ever just right for everyone. Many of SALAD’s members do not enjoy a vegan lifestyle, but they demonstrate their compassion for animals in other ways. SALAD, for instance, has a lot of really cool events on the go for the 2018-2019 academic year. For one, we continue to lobby our local governmental representatives in support of Bills S-203 and S-214, to end captivity of whales and dolphins and to ban testing on animals for cosmetic purposes, respectively. We are also planning a few educational movie screenings here in Halifax and some really amazing fundraisers to support North Mountain Animal Sanctuary in the Annapolis Valley. All of our events support animals in some way, and we invite you to join us at any and all of them if any of these mechanisms for defending animals are more your scene!

But because we know that veganism is not as laborious as people often believe it to be, we took a time-out from planning all of the amazingness above to produce this guide to eating vegan in Halifax for you. We at SALAD know that veganism is not hard work, the end result of which involves eating only celery. Veganism is, in fact, delicious, nutritious, and a lot of fun. And we know that this list of local hot spots for mouth-watering vegan eats will prove it to you!

You do not have to commit to a staunch vegan lifestyle in order to give any or all of these tasty treats a try. You can simply give one of these restaurants or dishes a try the next time you’re in the mood to taste something new. You may never make a turn for the vegan, and that’s okay. But you will get to eat a delicious, well-balanced meal that contains no animal products. And you may, as a result, gain a small glimpse into the lifestyle of – and, by extension, a better understanding of – one of Canada’s few species who are growing in numbers and one of its most misunderstood animals: the vegan!


On Campus

  • The Loaded Ladle: Offers FREE vegan lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday from 12:30pm until the food runs out.
  • Pete’s To Go Go: Offers a minimal vegan selection, but it includes a delicious vegan Jamaican patty, a veggie and hummus sandwich, the occasional vegan soup, and a make-your-own salad bar with all the salad accoutrements you could ever dream of. They also offer vegetarian options, like various pasta salads and baked goods.


Vegan Restaurants

  • Springhouse (previously Fruition): All vegan and raw menu. Find them at the Seaport market.
  • Wild Leek: All vegan menu, including amazing juices and smoothies, and great daily specials.
  • enVie A Vegan Kitchen:All vegan menu, including raw and gluten-free options (plus vegan beer and wine!).


Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants

  • Heartwood: Vegan and vegetarian menu. Cheese is the only non-vegan item on this menu, and they will make literally anything on their menu vegan for you if you ask them to.


Restaurants with Great Vegan/Vegetarian Options

  • Coburg Social: Great vegan/vegetarian selection, vegan panini options, baked goods, and soup. They also offer soy, almond, and coconut milk for your drink of choice.
  • The Boardroom Game Cafe: Selection of vegan/vegetarian snacks (and snack bowls they will make vegan for you if you ask them!), as well as soy milk for your beverages.
  • Big Life Whole Foods (Dartmouth): All-vegan selection of baked goods, vegan burger and sandwich options, and almond and soy milk for your drink.
  • Pavia Gallery: Vegan soups and baked goods, offering a vegan wrap option and soy milk for drinks. Find them in the public library and art museum.
  • The Nook: Large selection of vegan options, including sandwiches and wraps, as well as almond and soy milk for your coffee beverages and an array of vegan alcoholic beverages.
  • The Nook Espresso Bar (Bedford): Largely vegan menu, including sandwiches, bowls, vegan desserts, and almond and soy milk for your drink.
  • Tart & Soul Cafe: Offers vegan sandwiches and soups, baked goods, and soy milk for your coffee.
  • Lucky Penny Coffee Co.: Mostly a coffee shop, offering almond, soy, and coconut milk for your beverages. But they also serve vegan baked goods and will veganize many of their menu items (sandwiches and lite fare) for you if you ask.
  • Johnny K’s: Vegan donair! Note: their donair sauce is NOT vegan, but they have a delicious chilli sauce that is.
  • The Wooden Monkey: Large selection of marked vegan items including pizza, burgers, and desserts.
  • The Foggy Goggle: Vegan options include a veggie burger and pizza.
  • Mary’s Place Cafe: Lots of vegan options, including falafels, hummus, chili, veggie burgers, and vegan breakfast/brunch options (like a delicious tofu scramble!).
  • Hopyard Beer Bar: At least half their menu is vegan.
  • M&J’s Eatery (Bedford): Tons of vegan options, including burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and more. (They also offer catering services!).


For Burgers

  • Krave Burger: Vegan burger option and great fries. Note: They butter their buns, so ask for no butter to make your burger truly vegan.
  • Darrell’s: Veggie burger option that they will make vegan for you if you ask them.
  • Relish: Vegetarian/vegan patty available, some vegan appies/sides.
  • Vandal Doughnuts: Nearly all their burgers can be made vegan (and they have vegan donuts for dessert!).
  • Battery Park (Dartmouth): Vegan burger available.
  • The 244: Two burgers that can be made vegan.
  • Lion & Bright: Delicious vegan falafel burger!
  • Split Crow Pub: Vegan beyond burger and some vegetarian options available.


For Pizza

Note: Pizza can be made vegan at most pizza places by not adding cheese. Just make sure they don’t use eggs in their crust recipe.

  • Salvatore’s: This is not a vegan pizza place, but they make the best vegan pizza (because they make the best vegan cheese) I’ve ever had!
  • Bramoso’s: Offers great vegetarian selection and delicious vegan pizza. Their white and whole wheat crusts are vegan.
  • On the Wedge (Bedford): Offers vegan pizza by the slice! Can also order their signature vegan pizza (“Roasted Rocket”) or make your own with your choice of toppings.
  • Stone Pizza: Offers great vegan cheese.
  • Pizza Pizza: Violife vegan cheese available as well as vegan crust.
  • Nayya Pizza & Grill (Bedford): Their pizza, calzones, and garlic fingers can all be made vegan. Also offer vegan shawarma and Lebanese plate.


For Asian Food

  • Water & Bone: Vegan ramen bowl option.
  • Thai Ivory: Almost everything on their menu can be made vegan if you ask your server.
  • The B-Well Sushi and Cafe: Vegan options are marked on their menu.
  • Just Springroll (Park Lane Mall – next to Cineplex): Vegan plate available, as well as a veggie curry dish and veggie spring rolls.
  • Modern Orchid (Dartmouth): Most their menu can be made vegan if you let your server know.
  • Cheelin: Large vegetarian menu, much of which can be made vegan.
  • Indochine Bahn Mi: Most of their menu is or can be made vegan, including their vegan bahn mi, vegan noodle bowls, and vegan tacos. They also offer vegan smoothies and bubble tea!
  • Minato Sushi: Offer some vegetarian items that can be made vegan if you specify.


For Mexican Food

  • Lockside Canteen (Lemon Dogs): Always at least one vegan taco option, as well as lemonade/freezies/popsicles!
  • Antojo Taco + Tequila: Many menu items can be made vegan upon request.
  • Habeneros: Build-your-own tacos, burritos, bowls, and more. Offers a vegan Bombay curry bowl and burrito.


For Middle Eastern Food

  • Mezza Lebanese Kitchen: Offer a couple vegan options, including falafel with vegan tahini cause and a vegan Lebanese plate.
  • Baba Ganouj Cafe: Many vegan options including a vegan combo plate and falafel poutine.
  • Shawarma Stop: Offers fully vegan tofu shawarma.
  • Turkish Delight: Large vegetarian menu, most of which can be made vegan upon request.
  • Tarek’s Cafe: Decent vegan selection, including falafel pita, veggie burger, hummus, baba ganoush, and an option to have them make you vegan tahini sauce if you ask.
  • Roll the Dice: Decent vegetarian menu, much of which is or can be made vegan.
  • Kam-Moon: Bakery and lite-fate eatery offering vegan falafel and side dishes.


For Sweet Treats

  • Sweet Hereafter: A selection of vegan cheesecakes! (Need I say more?)
  • Dee Dee’s Ice Cream: A selection of vegan sorbets (as well as vegan burritos, soups, and dairy alternatives for your drink).
  • Humani-T Cafe: Great vegan/vegetarian selection, including vegan gelato and sorbetto, muffins, snacks, and paninis. They also offer soy or almond milk for your coffee! You can find then at two locations in Halifax: near campus and in the North end.
  • Odell’s: Lots of vegan baked good options (that are also gluten-free).
  • Susie’s Shortcake (Bayer’s Lake): Offers vegan and gluten-free cookie dough and made-to-order vegan cupcakes in multiple flavours.
  • Taiyaki 52: Japanese waffle restaurant!! Their crunchy waffle batter is vegan and so are their red bean and blueberry fillings. Their maple cinnamon seeds taiyaki is also vegan.
  • Rousseau Chocolatier: Offers soft-serve, dairy-free sorbet and some great options for vegan chocolates.


Coffee Shops with Vegan/Vegetarian Options

  • Second Cup: Offers soy milk and almond milk for your coffee and smoothies. Their flavour shots are also vegan, as are some of their pre-packaged snacks.
  • Two if by Sea (Dartmouth): Offer soy milk for your coffee drinks.
  • World Tea House: Offer a wide selection of teas, coffee, lattes, etc., with soy, almond, and coconut milk available for the vegans.
  • The Other Bean: Offers plant-based milk alternatives for your coffee
  • Dilly Dally Cafe: Offers cashew, soy, and coconut milk, as well as a selection of vegan baked goods.
  • Narrow Espresso: Offers soy milk for beverages, as well as vegan snacks and baked goods.
  • Seven Bays Cafe: Offers soy, almond, and coconut milk for your beverage, featuring an amazing vegan hot chocolate.
  • Yu Yo Craft Supply & Teahouse: Offers soy milk for beverages and some vegan lite fare.
  • Cafe Marco Polo (Dartmouth): Offers soy and almond milk for beverages, plus vegan baked goods.
  • Glitter Bean Cafe: Soy and almond milk available for drinks, as well as vegan baked goods.
  • Local Jo Cafe: Plant-based milk alternatives available, as well as vegan baked goods, pankoras, and samosas.


At the Seaport Market

  • Rawthetic Chocolates: Offers raw, dairy/gluten-free chocolates that are almost all vegan.
  • Gali’s Healthy Kitchen: Raw chocolates – those that are vegan are marked as such.
  • Springhouse: All vegan/raw restaurant that offers snacks, almond milk, dips, desserts, and more.
  • Bramoso: Vegan pizza by the slice.
  • Ednaturals: Vegan energy bars.
  • Bytz Foods: Vegan energy balls (also available at Organic Earth and Local Source Market).
  • Luscious Desserts: All-vegan bakery offering cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, macaroons, cookies, and more.
  • Earth Elementals: Cruelty-free soaps, laundry soap, and more. Most are vegan-friendly. Ask the vendor to make sure.
  • Osha Mae Soaps: Artisan soaperie whose product line is almost exclusively vegan! (You can also buy their product at local shops such as Pete’s).


Samantha Addario